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About: Headliner


Hello! Welcome to my blog about my travels in Great Britain, France and other places in the World.

My earliest memories of travelling are a visit to Berlin when I was four. Despite my parents expectations, instead of remembering a bear statue I was enamored with, the only thing I remember were the bicycles in the basement of the multistory flats where we were staying!! Since then I have travelled the length and breadth of the UK, mainly with my parents during the summer school holidays.

Later my parents got a motorhome and we had many journeys to France, touring Northern France, Normandy and even getting to Provence! This continued until my father passed and we sold the motorhome (due to neither my mum nor I being able to reach the pedals!).

After leaving university I got a job in Wales and downsized from a motorhome to a modest tent. I am now continuing in my parents footsteps and have started touring Wales and England, sometimes tenting and other times using Youth Hostels.

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